LA Express is an authorized SmileLABS™ location.

SmileLABS™ professional whitening treatment is considered by industry insiders to be the best. It’s simple, affordable and safe. Results are impressive. A 15-20 minute treatment yields an improvement of between 3-5 shades, and a double (30 min) typically yields a 3-10 shade improvement.


30-Minute Teeth Whitening Session – $99
A 30 minute treatment yields an improvement of between 3-10 shades. Most people start with a 30 minute session.

15-Minute Teeth Whitening Session – $79
A 15 minute treatment yields an improvement of between 3-6 shades. Most people start with a 30 minute session.

Remineralization Treatment – $30
Returns vital minerals and vitamins to you teeth; reduces teeth sensitivity; strengthens tooth enamel; essential for use after teeth whitening treatments; and contains Sodium Fluoride – proven to remineralize small invisible lesions.

3-Pack of 30-Minute Sessions – $249
Take advantage of reduced pricing when you purchase a package of three 30-minute sessions!



How Does it Work?

The procedure is very simple. First, the customer inserts a mouth prop between their back teeth to slightly open the mouth. Second, the client then inserts a disposable cheek retractor in their mouth to pull the lips and cheeks open slightly and to expose the teeth. Then, the SmileLABS™ technician applies a tiny droplet of thick, sticky whitening gel to each tooth to be bleached and spreads each drop evenly over the tooth with a special brush utilizing the SmileLABS™ Paint-On Technique. Our teeth whitening gel utilizes peroxide-based chemistry. SmileLAB’s teeth whitening gel has a water base which means that the whitening gel hydrates the teeth throughout the whitening procedure. Hydration of the teeth is important because that is what prevents sensitivity. The customer then puts on the protective eyewear, the light is adjusted and turned on by the technician and the treatment starts for the prescribed time.

We also offer remineralization treatments: Returns vital minerals and vitamins to you teeth; reduces teeth sensitivity; strengthens tooth enamel; essential for use after teeth whitening treatments; and contains Sodium Fluoride – proven to remineralise small invisible lesions

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What Makes SmileLABS™ the Best?

Highest Quality Bleaching Gel: Made in the USA
When you are in the cosmetic teeth whitening business, where your cosmetic teeth whitening bleaching gels come from is an important issue. Many of the cheaper gels available today are cheap because they come from overseas areas, with China or other parts of industrial Asia being the most common sources. SmileLABS™ uses only cosmetic teeth whitening gels produced for us here in the USA. Period! SmileLABS™ uses facilities that choose to adhere to the highest FDA standards regardless of regulatory exemption.

Cutting Edge Accelerator Lights
La Express utilizes the newest and most improved accelerator light: the SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Infinity™ Pro Accelerator Light. Combining 40 Watts of focused radiant light energy in the 480-520 nanometer wavelength, this light’s super-bright LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) almost instantaneously transforms our proprietary SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Chairside Gel into a super-reactive cosmetic teeth whitening powerhouse. You can actually see and feel the gel start to effervesce within seconds of applying the light to the gel! It also does this without adding any extra heat into the reaction because of our heatless Cool LED Light Technology, unlike other heat producing lights like the Zoom!™ light. Emitting Diodes) almost instantaneously transforms our proprietary SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Chairside Gel into a super-reactive cosmetic teeth whitening powerhouse.


SmileLABS Products Reviewed by Zachary Hilgers, DDS (Retired)

Hi, I’m Dr. Zachary Hilgers. I am a retired dentist and one of my many duties that I do for SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening, LLC, is to help oversee the selection of equipment and materials used in our BronzeLAB™, SilverLAB™, and GoldLAB™ Packages, as well as in our SmileLABS™ Complete or Refill Take-Home Cosmetic Teeth Whitening treatment kits. I help decide if each item is superior enough to be included in our inventory. When new products or treatment regimens are being considered, I help to research them before they are sold to you, our loyal SmileLABS™ Authorized Dealers.

Our kits have the freshest Made-In-The-USA whitening gels. Those are the only type of gels that earn the SmileLABS™ seal of approval. Our new Chairside Brush-On sytem and kits are the finest available and utilize the latest in Cosmetic Teeth Whitening technology. Our patent-pending traditional SmileLABS™ InstaPression™ Whitening tray was one of the main reasons I joined this company and that influenced me the most about the SmileLABS™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening System. These trays are currently still available to those that want to stick with our original tray-based method, although our new preferred modality has switched to the new Chairside Brush-On system, and we recommend all of our Authorized Dealers switch over to this superior system.

Our SmileLABS™ Infinity™ Series Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Accelerator lights are state of the art. We have taken and tested every light available today on the dental market and have picked the best features of each light, then had our light designed and custom manufactured just for our SmileLABS™ Lab Packages. The Infinity™ Pro version of this light is very sturdily built and weighs in at around 60 pounds. This gives the impression to your customers in your store that the light is a well made and professional-looking piece of cosmetic whitening equipment. The light’s many-jointed and viscous-damped articulating arm positively insures ease of light placement so that the beam is always constantly centered upon the customer’s teeth. Most lights out on the market are cheap, cheesy, and anemic in construction compared to the SmileLABS™ Infinity™ Light. We now also have available our Infinity™ Express (suitable for mobile teeth whitening businesses) and our Infinity™ Dental Pro light that easily clamps to a dental chair for use by a dentist in his or her dental office.

Our light has 8 very powerful Cool-Light-Technology LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) that produce a combined output of 40 Watts of usable light-energy in the 480-520 nanometer wavelength. This assures that the chemical reaction of the peroxide based gel is accelerated to its maximum potential, yielding the whitest teeth possible in the shortest amount of time. The light is extremely safe, emitting no harmful radiation whatsoever, and that includes no hazardous UV (Ultraviolet) or heat-producing IR (Infrared) wavelengths. When safety, power, and efficiency are combined like this in a light, you can rest assured that our SmileLABS™ Infinity™ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Accelerator Light is simply the finest available bleaching light on the market today, bar none. Combine these four items of highest quality USA-manufactured gel, our superior signature SmileLABS™ Brush-On Cosmetic Whitening Technique, and our most-powerful Infinity™ Series Accelerator Lights with our extremely comfortable and professional-looking Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Chair, and you have the finest Cosmetic Teeth Whitening System available today.

Cancellation policy

We understand last-minute emergencies pop-up. However, if you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, please contact us as soon as possible to reschedule. If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, please give at least 24 hours advanced notice, to ensure that you will not be charged for the appointment. Out of respect and consideration for your technician and other customers, please do your best to be on time. If you are late 20 minutes or more for your appointment, it is within LA Express’ discretion to perform a limited service or consider the appointment missed. If you cancel less than 24 hours from your scheduled appointment or miss your appointment, you will be charged a fee of $25 and lose the value of any voucher, gift card or deposit required for the appointment. This policy is strictly enforced.

When clients don’t show up for an appointment, other clients lose the opportunity to be seen and prices may need to increase.

Thank you for your cooperation.